This installation created by Pipilotti Rist is titled “Ever is Over Again”. Composed of two videos seemingly merging into each other until the spectator can’t see the difference between them, the art piece was created in 1997.

One particularity of the project is that the clips don’t match in length thus creating an ever-changing result, the outcome being unpredictable.

The interpretation is obviously up to the viewer as it should be for every artwork but I noticed a few things worth sharing.

For example, the video on the left, showing a woman using a flower to smash cars, is playing on the contrast and opposition between the flower and its violent use in this particular video in contrast to the general society’s view on the affection and sweetness side of flowers. The walk is also very different to the periodical action of smashing, destroying as the woman is casually strolling down the street.

Also noticeable is the second video (the one on the right) showing peaceful nature shots of flower fields and the close shots of petals being blown by the wind.

In conclusion, the installation was very cleverly thought out and is a pleasure to look at, even twenty years later!

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